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Safety & Security Guidelines

Campus Safety and Security Reporting Requirements

Clery Report : The Jeanne Clery Act, named after a student who was raped and murdered in her residence hall in 1986 and passed as law in 1990, requires all campuses receiving federal student aid report crime statistics on their campus. The act has been amended several times and now includes campuses report fire safety violation in addition to crime statistics. The Annual Crime Statistic and Fire Safety Report for Mars Hill University can be accessed by clicking on the link below. Additionally, MHU maintains daily crime logs that can be provided upon request.

View: current MHU Annual Security and Fire Safety Reports

HIPAA and FERPA Guidelines for Public Safety

Mar Hill University remains committed to the privacy concerns of our students, faculty and staff. To that end we wish to remain transparent with regard to instances where information may be shared in the interest of public safety. The links below provide information regarding the sharing of HIPAA and FERPA protected information with public safety agencies.
View: HIPAA Guidelines
View: FERPA Guidelines

Mars Hill University Safety and Security Rules and Regulations 2015-2016
A synopsis of MHU Safety and Security related rules and regulations, to include the updated traffic code, can be accessed by clicking on the Link below:

View: MHU Safety and Security Rules and Regulations 2015-2016