Art Therapy Programs

BA in Art Therapy (128 Hours)
Students must complete requirements outlined in:
I. General Education Requirements
II. Major Requirements
III. Electives

I. General Education Requirements

Students must complete the Liberal Arts in Action Commons and Connector course requirements. Six semester hours of Connector requirements may be met by major requirements as follows:
Social Science
PSY 111 General Psychology 3
Arts Experience
ART 201 Drawing I 3

II. Major Requirements

ART 111 Fundamental 2-D Design 4
ART 201 Drawing I, Visual Thinking
ART 202 Painting I, Intro to Painting & Color 3
ART 205 Potter I 3
Choose one: 3
ART 203 Printmaking
ART 126 Digital Photography
ART 206 Sculpture I
One 300-level studio ART course 3
PSY 121 Introduction to Art Therapy 3
PSY 321 Art in Groups 3
PSY 220 Behavioral Science Statistics 3
PSY 225 Research Methods in Psychology 3
PSY 313 Child Psychology 3
or PSY 314 Adolescent and Adult Development 3
PSY 421 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY 422 Foundations of Counseling and Psychotherapy 3
PSY 461 Internship* 3
PSY 470 Senior Thesis (Capstone)* 3

*Topic for Internship and Senior Thesis are required to be Art Therapy-specific, and approved by the Art Therapy instructor.

III. Electives

Students may choose to meet the elective hours required by completing a second major, a minor, or selected courses of personal interest. It is recommended that students consider additional studio art classes, as this can only enhance the quality of their major.