Teacher Licensure Add-On Programs - AGS Program

Candidates and graduates who have completed licensure requirement in any field may earn an additional teaching license in the following areas: 

AIG (Academically and Intellectually Gifted (K-12))

ED 252 Introduction to Gifted Education
ED 320 Multi-Sensory Methods and Models of Gifted Ed.
ED 452 Curriculum Differentiation for the Gifted
ED 436 Assessment and Trends in Gifted Education

ESL (English as a Second Language (K-12))

ENG 332 Structure/Usage of the English Language
ENG 333 Grammar and Linguistics for ESL
ENG 334 Second Language and Literacy Development
ED 360 Issues in TESL in Public Schools
ED 365 Sociocultural Foundations of TESL
ED 419 Methods of Teaching ESL

Reading Specialist (K-12)

ENG 334 Second Language and Literacy Development
ED 441 Comprehensive Strategies for Teaching Content-Based Literacy
ED 440 Advanced Strategies for Literacy Acquestion & Development
ED 443 Conceptual & Historical Foundations of Reading
ED 444 Reading Assessment & Intervention
ED 455 Teaching Students with Persistent  Reading Problems

Special Education (K-12)

ED 251 Introduction to Special Education
ED 321 Language Arts Methods
ED 329 Motor, Comm. & Sensory Deficits
ED 350 Behavior Management
ED 416 Specialized Inst. Methods/Materials
ED 432 Collaboration and Consultation Skills
ED 435 Assessment Methods, Use and Interactions
ED 450 Advanced Methods of Mathematics
ED 451 Curriculum Based Assesment
ED 455 Teaching Students with/ Reading Problems
ED 456 Legal Issues/Proc. focused on Excep. Needs