Advising Information for Students

“Good advising may be the single most underestimated characteristic of a successful college experience.”
   –Richard Light, Making the Most of College: Students Speak Their Minds (2001)

Academic advising is about more than just registering for next semester’s classes. And it happens at more than just that one pre-registration appointment! Advising, particularly at a place like Mars Hill University, is about making connections—connections to other students here on the Hill, to people who can help you make the decisions that will need to be made as you progress through your years here with us, and finally, connections to the life you want to lead when you walk out of here as an alumna/us with your degree. Take advantage of the resources here, and your time with us will be enriched and more valuable as a result.

Your advisor is a trained, experienced, and committed member of the Mars Hill University faculty or staff, and s/he is there for you, to help you figure out how to access what Mars Hill offers that will get you where you’re going in life (and if you don’t know where that is yet, to help you figure that out, too!). Get to know your advisor (if you don’t know who that is, check out the Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs, link below. . . ), and let him/her get to know you, too. This individual will serve as your guide and instructor, someone who will teach you the skills you need to learn to navigate the university catalog, policies, programs, etc. At a place like Mars Hill, you should always feel comfortable contacting your advisor whenever you need to. We see advising as integral to teaching—it’s why we’re here.

FAQs for Current & Prospective Students