General Resources

General Resources
Here you will find links to documents and web pages that will help you, whether you are an advisor, a new freshman, a second-semester senior, or anywhere in between.

Resources by Major (click on this link to access the list of majors and their resources)
Four-year plans (organized by major/program) show a sample progression towards a particular degree. They reflect curriculum requirements in the current academic catalog (2011-2012). Students who matriculated under a different catalog may have slightly different requirements.
Course rotation sequences (organized by major/program) show how frequently courses within a major or program are usually offered and when. Please realize these reflect a suggested course sequence that will always be subject to such variables as faculty commitments and availability, course substitutions, and other often unforeseen circumstances. Always check current and next-semester classes in PowerCAMPUS Self-Service.

Advising Tips for Student/Athletes
Are you playing a sport at MHU? Do you have an advisee who is? Then print out this sheet and read it carefully.

Mission Statement & Advisor Responsibilities

Responsibilities of Student Advisees

Advisee Outcomes